Rituel de l'absinthe

The best way to enjoy

Place half (or only a quarter, depending on your taste) of a lump of sugar onto an absinthe spoon (which is flat and pierced).
Put the spoon on the rim of a glass containing 2 to 4 cl of absinthe. Very cold water should be poured gently (drop by drop) onto the sugar. One normally counts three to four measures of water to one measure of absinthe « Tradition » at 65 % Vol.

The sugar dissolves very slowly, colouring the liquid which takes on a pale opaque hue. It is essential to pour the water as slowly as possible.

Once the sugar is dissolved, stir slightly using the spoon. This ritual diminishes the bitterness of the grand wormwood and allows all the aroma of the plants and perfume of the flowers to come out slowly. Absinthe drinkers of old knew how to savour…

The absinthe ritual