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Introducing the distiller

Willy à son alambicMr Willy Bovet was born in the Val-de-Travers, where he used to work as a watchmaker as well as a clandestine distiller. He has always lived in Môtiers which is the district centre of the Val-de-Travers, a peaceful and beautiful valley of the Jura mountains, birth place of absinthe.

As he lived in the Val-de-Travers, he got to know Robert Bobillier, born in 1911, a fellow clandestine distiller. Mr Bobiller, recognizing Willy Bovet as a worthy successor, gave him his recipe and even more importantly transmitted to him his knowhow.

Each operation linked to the production of absinthe includes a great number of secrets and necessitates a vast knowhow: the choice and quality of the plants, the method of drying, and artisanal distillation. The sum of this knowledge and skills are essential to the production of the best quality absinthe.

Up to 1910, the year absinthe was outlawed, Môtiers was a major absinthe production center as testified by the beautiful façade of the Giovenni-Bovet building, which is well worth a visit. Furthermore, Môtiers and its surroundings, where Jean-Jacques Rousseau enjoyed collecting plants, contains many other architectural jewels.

Willy in front of the distillery

Willy in front of the distillery