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Press review

June 17 2008

The Basler Zeitung (a major Swiss newspaper) wrote an article about the Absinthe Festival in Boveresse and about Willy Bovet’s absinthe (published June 17 2008).

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December 29 2007

Willy Bovet can be seen in the 7th episode of the documentary Suisse Mystérieuse (Mysterious Switzerland), which was shown on the TSR1 (Swiss French Television). It is also available on DVD.

Suisse mystérieuse, Episode 7: The green fairy
Directed by: Nicolas Pallay
Once upon a time, there was a fairy called « the green fairy », which lived in the beautiful and mysterious Val-de-Travers (NE). The offspring of a secret elixir, this fairy had the power to cure many health problems but also to throw a spell on anyone who drank it. Many artists where caught under its spell and contributed to making the myth of absinthe with its strange and sulphurous powers.

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October 10 2007

Willy Bovet gave an interview to Here is a short extract:

Willy Bovet, absinthe distiller in Môtiers

It is hardly necessary anymore to present Willy Bovet, a charismatic figure of the Val-de Travers, who has almost always lived in Môtiers where he has been producing « La Valote » ever since the liberalisation of absinthe. M. Bovet welcomes us to his premises and answers the questions of Vincent Bargetzi.

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