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Absinthe Nostalgie

Nostalgie — Paris 1900, a beautiful story…

I shall tell you about a rare and precious product:

First and foremost, production of this very special absinthe is limited, as it is made in a small still that prepares just 18 litres of this elixir with a strength of 54% vol. Developed by Willy Bovet, «NOSTALGIE» absinthe is distilled in the purest ancestral tradition. From greater wormwood to lesser wormwood, from hyssop to lemon balm and peppered mint, all these medicinal plants are cultivated with science and love by several farmers in Val-de-Travers. They are then gathered with care directly in the fields by Willy Bovet.

Meticulously sorted, tied together and hung in bunches in a well-ventilated barn, several months are needed to dry the plants, before they are cut up finely and used in the distillation process. This technique is identical to the process of yesteryear, so perpetuating a tradition already practised more than a century ago by distilleries in Val-de-Travers.

Finally, «NOSTALGIE» absinthe is allowed to rest for some time in an oak wood cask from which this unrivalled beverage derives its discreet colouring. So that its limpidity and taste are not changed by contact with UV light, the precious liquor is then transferred to an opaque bottle. Nothing could be too much to protect this elixir.

This 75cl bottle, with a mat black finish, is sealed in the old-fashioned way with a fine quality cork. In order to verify the quantity of absinthe contained in this opaque bottle, two transparent stripes are left in its black body allowing the remaining volume of absinthe in the container to be gauged. «NOSTALGIE» offers you a dream.

Try this absinthe! Its aromatic bitterness softly invades the palate where it lingers and makes you dream! This absinthe truly merits its name «NOSTALGIE». This is a continuing narrative which you must get to know!

In your good health !